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Objective: To continue working in the telecommunications and networking field, using my knowledge and skill-set acquired through 30+ years of experience.

Professional Experience

Sycamore Associates February, 2003 to Present
Technician II, Telephone equipment and maintenance. - Temporarily working supply logistics during Top Secret clearance reinstatement. Security clearance reinstated as of 12/22/03.
Lucent Technologies April, 2001 to February, 2002
Network Systems Engineer - Involved in the test and turn up of 5ESS Lucent switches with ECP for AT&T Wireless. This is a turn key operation involving Switch, DACS, ECP, Power, WINSNET, and facilities testing and turn up. Provide customer a complete set of records for the office. Work with customer changing translations in ESS and ECP to reflect the database.
Network Technical Services Group October, 1999 to March, 2001
Telecommunications Specialist - Worked as a telecommunication contract employee for various projects involving wireless switching and deployment.
AT&T Communications July, 1966 to July, 1999
Communications Technician - Involved in a special project for the first thirty-two years requiring a Top Secret clearance. Duties required training in switching, radio, carrier, AC/DC power generation and distribution, and facility HVAC support. From 1987 to 1993, worked 5ESS maintenance and provisioning. Beginning in 1995, I volunteered for a program that provided communications for the U.S. government in various deployment environments. On August 1,1999 I retired from AT&T with 33 years service.


Cut-Over New AT&T Wireless 5ESS AWS
Chicago - January, 2001 to March, 2001; Omaha - October, 2000 to November, 2000; Columbus - June, 2000 to September, 2000; Minneapolis - May, 2000 to June, 2000; Chicago - February, 2000 to April, 2000
Cut-Over & Re-Home AT&T Wireless
5ESS AWS in Oklahoma City
November, 1999
The cut-over required moving data from the old 5ESS switch to the new switch, re-homing all facilities and adding new ones, as well as updating the 5ESS translations and emulating NPC/DACS assignments onto the new DACS. Performed pre-"cut-over" access trunk testing and turn up and cut-over services from existing switch to the new switch. Helped with Cell Site cluster testing.
FSA-5 Joint Project
with Lucent and AT&T Wireless
October, 1999
I was assigned to a project to retrieve particular data from 5ESS switch, ECP and DACS ODD. This data was formatted in a spreadsheet.
"Operation Joint Guard" in Bosnia April, 1998 to October, 1998
I volunteered to join the Joint Task Force between AT&T and AAFES to provide MWR calling for the US troops stationed in Bosnia. I helped maintain portable KU & C -band satcom links; helped provision and maintain a Mitel SX2000 switch; helped install and maintain microwave systems to outlying areas; and maintained UPS and AC power plant systems.
TechNet '97 June, 1997 to August, 1997
Our AT&T technical team deployed the final architecture and conducted live demonstrations at TechNet '97 in Washington, D.C. I was on a team that helped develop and perfect a multimedia Global Broadcast System incorporating the Yurie LDR50 and LDR200 ATM concentrators and associated microwave, computer, and cable systems and satcom links. This service was the result of a partnership between AT&T, Lockheed Martin, GEC Marconi, and Comsat Labs to provide a complete, global networking infrastructure for the U.S. government.
Disaster Recovery Demo May, 1997
I volunteered for an AT&T Disaster Recovery demonstration in Harrisburg, PA. Using the Yurie Systems LDR50, the team provided the AT&T Disaster Recovery Team a multimedia (voice, video, data) system over a simulated satcom link. My responsibilities included equipment setup, LDR provisioning and testing, and demonstrating the capabilities to the Disaster Recovery Team.
Hunter-Warrior Project January, 1997 to April, 1997
The deployment team was commissioned to provide a voice, video, and data satcom link between the Camp Pendleton Marine base and 29 Palms Marine base in California. I brought up and maintained one side of the link needed to support a multimedia transfer of surveillance information from UAV Drone aircraft and a video suite aboard prototype Light Armored Vehicles. We assembled and positioned temporary L-band to UHF customer ground stations to receive the UAV signals. Also, I coordinated all transportation of team equipment, including driving the truck carrying the KU-band earth stations from east coast to west coast to meet the project deadline.
AT&T - Yurie Systems, Inc. May, 1996 to December, 1996
I was assigned to a joint project between AT&T and Yurie Systems for developing and manufacturing an ATM low data-rate concentrator. I was trained to provision, install, and maintain the LDR50 and LDR200 in a multimedia environment. I attended schools necessary to learn the ATM technology and worked with Yurie engineers to obtain practical experience.
"Operation Uphold Democracy" in Haiti January, 1995 to January, 1996
I volunteered to join the Joint Task Force between AT&T and the U.S. government to provide a digital multimedia network for our military troops in Haiti. I helped build and maintain the KU & C-band satcom links; install, provision, and maintain a Definity G3 switch; erect and align antennae systems with towers for eleven microwave systems; assemble and provision an analog UHF single line subscriber telephone system (USA-Direct); install a video teleconferencing network; install and program an Integrated Access Terminal concentrator; and helped install and maintain an AC diesel power plant and distribution system with UPS backup. I also completed numerous construction projects to house equipment. I received the AT&T Spirit of Service award for my outstanding support to the Joint Task Force.
New York Tel Rebuild December, 1969 to March, 1970
I volunteered to help rebuild the New York telephone system. My job duties were to repair and restore numerous carrier systems. I was individually responsible for restoring a 1,800 circuit "L" carrier system between Long Island and the NY Tel headquarters in Manhattan. I also trained the local technicians in equipment maintenance.


Top Secret/SCCI with polygraph clearance, activated December 22, 2003
Radio Operators license
Class B Commercial Drivers License with tanker endorsement


1997- AT&T Pacesetter award for accomplishments in the Hunter-Warrior project
1996- AT&T Government Markets team award for accomplishments in Haiti
1995- AT&T Spirit of Service award for accomplishments in Haiti


LANs: Today and Tomorrow
ATM and Data Networking
Frame Relay
TCP/IP and Networking
Modern Data Communication
Digital Circuit Detail
T-Bird 209A
Accunet T1.5 Trouble Testing

5ESS Introduction
5ESS Maintenance
CII TRANE Operations and MTCE
Fundamentals (HVAC)
Introductions to Process Management

DACS II Operation and Maintenance

32000 Echo Cancellers
DDM1000 Dual Digital Multiplexer
D4 Channel Bank
Dual DS3 Multiplexer
Universal Echo Canceller
Digital Introduction
Digital Network Overview
Satisfying Customer Expectations
Effective Customer Relations

Intro. to the Digital Central Office
Digital STC
5ESS Switch Maintenance (hands-on)
3B20D Mod I, II, III
5ESS Maintenance

Air Conditioning Systems
Air Handling Systems
Heating Systems
Electrical Systems (switch gear)
Water Systems
Sewage Systems
Emergency Power: Operation of
Turbine and DC Power
Emergency Power: Operation and
Alarm Systems
Numbering Systems
Basic Power Fundamentals
Equipment Maintenance and
Voice Signaling Operations and
Frame Wiring Skills
Multiplex Carrier
Basic Microwave
Introduction to Facility Network
Microwave Radio Overall Systems
RD-4A Maintenance
Introduction to the Quality
Improvement Process
First Aid - CPR

Autovon 4WR #1 ESS Fundamentals
Autovon 4WR #1 ESS Maintenance

TD2 Channel Maintenance
3ADM TERM Maintenance
L Multiplex Operation and

Testing V-band and W-B Data Service
Basic Electronics
Basic Electricity